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Have the preeminent expert in behavioral change through inclusion at your next event.

John Gregory Vincent

John Gregory Vincent is an international keynote speaker known for his interactive style with the audience. Unusual approach, but John believes speaking cannot just inform or inspire but must drive change. With over 100 paid engagements delivered and a 100% “exceeded expectations” from those who hired us, we always deliver success. It works because it is based on delivering to the different learning styles of people. Check out videos below to see a cross sample of large and small room speeches. Keynotes MUST, inspire, provide tools and specific next steps and create the seeds for lasting change. ALL of this will occur when you book John.

John is represented by one of the world’s largest speakers Bureau’s but through the site you can contact him directly.

High Octane Keynotes and Break Out Sessions

We are experts in leadership development  through inclusion, who speak, not speakers that talk about leadership development and inclusion. This is an very important distinction you should be aware of.

Our high octane approach to changing human behavior, through speaking, will energize your next meeting or conference.  Beyond energy, every program is infused with practical, relevant tools your attendees can implement immediately.

Our most popular program:

  • Developing Your Leadership Brand:

Becoming the most authentic and effective leader The Submarine Way

This is a roadmap, to uncover your unique leadership brand, to allow you to be able tap into the talents and character, that will allow you to be both authentic, and highly effective. Surfaced from the secret world of U.S. Submarines, this speech blends powerful stories and testimonials with a proven strength based, inclusion focused, mission-oriented methodology. Not just theoretical here but a highly practical, relevant and energy infused program, that will leave all in attendance inspired to apply what they have learned.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to focus on talent, rather than just skills when developing yourself and others
  • Identify your specific talents and the characteristics that make you unique and effective
  • Have the tools to write your personal Leadership Creed, your guide to effective leadership


Igniting Inclusion Through Strengths

What  life on submarines taught me about people

For more than 100 years submarines have been a truly inclusive environment. Not because of the super close quarters and the fact you are constantly under threat of death, those can divide and cause massive conflict, as much as they can cause bonding. Submarines are inclusive because they have perfected a system, a process, to ensure inclusion occurs. 

For nearly 15 years I lived in this world and am bringing the secrets of inclusion from underneath the oceans, to the masses. A cornerstone of inclusion is embracing the unique talents of each individual. Not just identifying talent but embracing and developing them. 

We have blended these into a single system and have been using it for more than a decade to massively improve performance and satisfaction. Now we are sharing the secrets with you.  

Key takeaways:  

  • You will learn the 5 steps to creating inclusion in your organization
  • You will learn the 3 anchors needed to ensure the inclusion system remains in place 
  •  You will learn the real power of turning talents into strengths 
  •  You will learn the T.E.A.M. system to drive maximum contributions from everyone and maximum job satisfaction at the same time. 


Take a deeper dive into this speech here

Other programs:

Inclusion, The Submarine Way

The one that started it all. Throw everything you think about inclusion overboard- climb down the hatch and experience true inclusion. All parts of this practical system along with the critical anchors are presented in a practical, relevant, fun and immediately applicable way. You think you know inclusion – not even close.

Key takeaways:

  • The 5 essential parts of an effective system of inclusion
  • How to acknowledge and “file” biases, not pretend you removed them
  • The difference between being invited and being valued (true inclusion)


Bow Diesel Conflict

We incorrectly have been taught all conflict is bad, so avoidance and passive aggression replaces effective engagement. The audience will be taken on a spoken journey, of how to professionally and respectfully confront issues in a manner that leaves dignity intact and grudges dumped in the sanitary tank where they belong. 

 Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to embrace positive conflict to significantly reduce passive aggressive behavior
  • Don’ t “Let things blow over” it almost guarantees a hurricane is coming
  • Stifling conflict assures you will have teamwork issues.


Onboarding That Truly Gets People on Board!

Our most requested program. On boarding goes far beyond an employee handbook and quick introductions. This is built directly from the 100 year flawless check-in system on submarines that creates inclusion the minute your boots hit the steel deck. You truly do have only one chance to make a first impression and to establish crucial buy in and engagement. Get this wrong and those new hires might be running aground.

Key Takeaways:

  • Laser focus people on results and goals
  • Build a relationship on day one, so talent is retained
  • Achieve engagement by integrating Gallup’s Q12 into your process


Want to ask specific questions? Grab a time that works for you.


See a brief compilation of John in action

John igniting an audience........

Our Other Featured Speakers

Freya Sullivan Huffman

Freya Sullivan Huffman

 Freya Sullivan Huffman is a native of Waynesboro, Georgia. She is a national speaker who motivates everyone in the room. Freya speaks on The Submarine Way because it will “transform your organization and help you reach the results you’ve been struggling to receive”. Freya attended Clemson University as a graduate  student and earned a Master of Business and Information Technology from  Keller Graduate of Management.  Freya completed the PhD coursework at  Capella University focusing in Education with a concentration in Training  and Performance Improvement. 


Crystal Kadakia

Crystal is a two-time TEDx speaker and is known for her thought leadership in how to modernize organizations for a digital world. Crystal has changed the story around generation gap for thousands over the past 7+ years. As a management consultant, she brings organizations into the digital age, leveling up people strategies in areas such as career development, learning culture, inclusion, leadership development, and employee engagement. Past clients include General Mills, Southern Company,, Wells Fargo, and other organizations. She also brings deep training expertise as the co-creator of the Modern Learning Design Process, a new way to think about learning, supported by ATD. 

Crystal has a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and a master’s in Organization Development. Originally from Austin, TX, she is now based in Atlanta, GA with her husband Jeremy, where they love enjoying time with friends, the outdoors, and immersive experiences. 

Brad McDonald

Brad McDonald is a speaker and trainer for The Submarine Way. See a brief video from Brad here.

Brad’s love for the Navy began as a young boy during a ride aboard USS SENNET (SS408), the submarine his father commanded. For the next thirty years he pursued his dream to become a submarine captain.

In 1977 Brad graduated with Distinction from the United States Naval Academy and began submarine training. He served aboard five submarines and in 1994 achieved his dream when he took command of USS L. MENDEL RIVERS (SSN686). 

Life came full circle for him when he took his father and his son to sea aboard RIVERS.

During his Naval service Brad deployed throughout the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans, and operated extensively in the Mediterranean Sea. He engaged in every facet of Cold War and modern day submarine operations.

Post-Navy Brad owned and operated a sales and leadership training business as a franchisee of Sandler Training, He has trained and spoken to groups of 1-400 participants on a regular basis for over fifteen years and is known for experiential learning and engaging training sessions.

Brad’s passion is helping leaders define and create a culture that reflects their company goals and mission. To do this he discusses the very well defined culture of the US Navy’s submarine service, a culture that was specifically aimed at accomplishing the ship’s mission and bringing the crew home alive and the ship intact.

Brad and his wife Kim reside in Williamsburg, Virginia. Their son Tyler, a 2005 graduate of the US Naval Academy is an accomplished submarine officer and is currently maintaining the family’s status of 74 years of unbroken active Naval service.

Chris Butsch

Chris Butsch is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and globally-recognized authority on the Millennial generation. Driven to help the Millennials (b. 1982-2000) reach their full potential in life and the workplace, Chris published his first book, The Millennial’s Guide to Making Happiness, in 2017, and will publish another book in 2018 to help managers work with Millennials. Chris’ work has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and dozens of other media outlets. 

See a brief video compilation of Chris here .

Chris’ signature Submarine Way Speech:  The Millennial Chief Petty Officer

Many of America’s highly effective young leaders aren’t in Silicon Valley or New York, but 500 feet underwater! Combining lessons from both The Submarine Way and his own upcoming book Awesome Boss, Best-selling Millennial author and speaker Chris Butsch trains Millennials how to become the next wave of highly effective leaders and managers. 

“Chief Takeaways” include:

  • Exact steps to building a strong network of mentors, both in-and-outside of your organization
  • How to manage older generations (Baby Boomers and Gen Xers) and the upcoming Generation Z
  • How to build a “crew-munity” of happy, engaged employees