Virtual Learning Portal

Learning decay

What is it? 
It is what happens when training is not reinforced on an ongoing basis. The best training has a decay of 90% within 30 days if reinforcement is not present. In practical terms it means that 90% of what you spend (money and time) is wasted without effective reinforcement. We have a cost-effective online learning portal, literally designed to reinforce our in person or virtual training sessions.

Our training and our reinforcement are both superb

7-12 minutes in length with built in pauses for reflection or small group discussions they are superb reinforcement and also are designed so that people who have not attended the longer form training still learn key points and are challenged as much as those using the tool for reinforcement. If you have a choice between superb training and marginal reinforcement or marginal training with superb reinforcement always choose the superb reinforcement program. Fortunately for you with The Submarine Way you do not need to choose, our training and our reinforcement are both superb.