Training that will change the world

Whether it is face to face, or through our significant online delivery systems we train, reinforce and drive exceptional results

Our expertise is in driving behavioral change in the areas of leadership development, inclusion and critical decision making. All of our courses and programs are designed to maximize retention and application. Furthermore, since 2008,  all of our courses and programs are designed, from inception, to be delivered on site or online.

We help you identify specific, measurable outcomes. Then we help you baseline your current state in order to measure ROI. We then tailor our training to your specific needs and unique challenges. Finally we reinforce all training with 2-3 months of follow up to drive lasting change while reducing learning decay.

Clients call us for a number of reasons. The Clemson Tiger Football team (picture from a session to the right) called so we could help their players better understand their potential off of the field. Others want a keynote for their next meeting and know we will deliver a funny, timely message about inclusion that touches the heart. Others want to invest in leadership development that drives a healthy, inclusive environment, that also drives ROI. Some are starting to see issues, their community is more diverse, and they want to prepare the police force, fire department or other leaders. And then, our work with school systems, to change how teachers relate to their students, has also been powerful. Every organization learns that better crew-munity, always has a measurable ROI.

Training that doesn't create a change of heart and drive a change in action doesn't last

Key Outcomes of our training

  • All of us, working together, will always be better than one of us. Collaboration leads to better business outcomes, reducing conflict, roadblocks to success, and driving better associate engagement.
  • Focus on the mission, allows everyday biases to be managed more effectively. Bias always exists but it doesn’t have to get in the way of the mission.
  • Dealing with conflict openly and directly, while finding a path for successful outcomes. Conflict is managed, reducing tension in the workplace. Bullying is replaced by crew-munity. 
  • Embrace what you can’t control. The rapid pace of today’s workplace can be overwhelming. This course allows the learner to focus on what they can control and effectively influence. 
  • Every workplace has an official or unofficial ombudsman that surfaces suppressed issues. Learn how to use those who can naturally facilitate or are supposed to surface issues, drive better outcomes. 

Inspiring inclusion through training and speaking

Training that does not change behavior is training wasted. 90% of traditional training is forgotten within 30 days. It is called learning decay. We beat learning decay with a powerful one, two punch. First we deliver our programs with a variety of different media, live facilitators, videos and webinars. Secondly every program we conduct includes consistent reinforcement. So you leave training with better retention and then we work with you to ensure it is used, until it becomes muscle memory.

What are some of the programs that change everything?

All on-site programs are 3 – 3 1/2 hours and limited to 40 attendees, unless otherwise noted. Also all of our programs have an effective online version, typically consisting of two, 90 minutes segments.

  • Diversity and Inclusion, The Submarine Way  ( 15 person minimum)

A highly interactive training experience that teaches the important elements of true inclusion. The program is based on Amazon’s number 1 new release, Diversity and Inclusion, The Submarine Way. 

  • Onboarding That Truly Gets People on Board

Our most requested program. It goes far beyond an employee handbook and quick introduction. This is built directly from the 100 year flawless check-in system on submarines that creates inclusion the minute your boots hit the steel deck.

  • Everyone Matters if They Contribute

In a radical departure from traditional inclusion, this program embraces a strengths based approach. Lead by a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and facilitator, learn the power behind people having a meaningful seat at the table.

Let's go make things better!

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