C.O.R.E To The System Must Be in Place

Commitment by senior executives, owners, etc. has to be present in order for the 4 step system to be effective. When there is active involvement and modeling of the behaviors at the senior most levels the work we partner with you to complete will be most effective. 

The assessment phase occurs before on target training (coaching and training). Once key people are identified for coaching and development we administer the CliftonStrengths Assessment. Most personality or behavioral assessments can identify a combination of up to 16 characteristics. So accurate and unique to every person the odds of two people having the same results from a CliftonStengths assessment is 1 in 32,400,000, that is a unique assessment!

Our clients typically choose mid to senior level people initially and then we cascade to mid-level managers and leaders. Our entire approach is talent based meaning when you help people intentionally tap into their deepest “pools” of talents they will perform more effectively. Specifically their satisfaction, innovation and productivity with increase through steps 2, 3 and 4.

Our co-founder John Gregory Vincent was  Gallup’s former top client-rated consultant and coach and does much of the coaching that is crucial to successful application of the talents identified.

Executives and mid-level managers need to understand their core talents in a practical way. Knowing “your top 5” means little. Understanding the power of the professional development report that is generated is what allows people to intentionally capitalize on their talents. This reveal does not provide short term results and development it is the foundation of career long development.

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