Does Your Organizational Survey Reveal Actionable Results?

The highest performing organizations understand the difference between Strategic flow and Tactical flow. Strategic planning is done best top-down with heavy input from mid-level leaders as well as input from front-line leaders and individual leaders. Tactical execution is best done exactly in the opposite way. Individual leaders and front-line leaders are closest to the processes, workflow, and outcomes. They are best suited to execute the tactical deployment of strategic plans. Significant input, support, and oversight from those same front-line leaders are crucial. Additionally, mid-level leaders should ensure senior leadership is consistently updated on outcomes and challenges so adjustments in strategic planning can be made.

Our 2-minute organizational surveys reveal key elements of how well your organization operates in these areas. It also allows for a quantitative baseline of the organization’s culture as well as identifying areas of strength and opportunity to build into an executable plan.

You will notice we use the word “leader” at all levels. This is because fundamentally in the highest performing organizations leadership is instilled and expected from everyone.

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