This is What Talent Based Coaching Produces

The best example of talent-based inclusive leadership at every level is the United States, Nuclear Submarine Force. With an average age onboard a submarine of 23, 80% of which only have high school diplomas, they safely operate the most sophistical vessel in the universe in the harshest environment in the universe.

These young women and men have operated and guided these nuclear submarines since 1954 and in all those years there has never been a single nuclear incident. Imagine what could be achieved in your organization with this process and system? Built specifically from the coaching and professional development provided to every Sailor in the submarine force, our coaching model accelerates individual development, inclusive leadership and will drive KPI’s.

Talent-based, inclusive leadership drives inclusion in organizations contributing to a measurable return on investment. If you want your organization to go from group, or team, to a crew-munity (the ultimate team), this process has been proven to be successful in Fortune 500 organizations, small to medium size businesses, and municipalities. It starts with assessments and then moves to this step, coaching.

Our approach is practical and relevant. What that means is we take the talent profile identified in the assessment step help each individual understand how to best utilize their talents in the present role and perhaps prepare them best for future roles. Highly interactive this is based on the coaching techniques our lead coach, John Gregory Vincent, refined during his time coaching with The Gallup Organization. Ready to talk? Just click below.