Methodology - system - process

The Patent Published Model

Our methodology sets the stage for developing leaders,  with the mindset of tapping into the best of us. Combine this with our system and process and the result is the only inclusion focused, leadership development model, we are aware of,  issued a pending patent by the U.S. patent office. 

Strengths Based means two things, first focus on what is right with people, what they do best. Secondly, encourage partnering with others who are better at certain things. This creates a culture of inter-dependence and synergy. 

Inclusion Focused is produced by a strength based culture. To be your best, you must include others who have talents and expertise in needed areas, but areas outside your expertise. 

This drives crew-munity. 

Mission Oriented is the measurable results your teams, departments,  and organizations must be laser focused on. We replace jobs with roles, to accomplish the mission.The Circle denotes these are all completely interrelated and continuous. Break the circle, skip an element, and success cannot be sustained.  Let’s dive in together!

21st century leadership the submarine way

Igniting Actionable 21st Leadership Tools

Type in Leadership Training in Google and you will get over 3,000,000,000, that’s BILLIONs of results. Yet direct supervisors remain the #1 reason people leave their job, and engagement, measured by Gallup, has remain unchanged for 20 years. We are failing.

In 2016 we gave a speech at a conference in South Carolina, entitled “Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way”. The room was full of business owners and executives, community and city leaders as well as just regular folks. When we finished, we saw people touched, and we were inundated with questions about our system. We KNEW we had something we had to share.

Inclusion, The Submarine Way takes lessons successfully utilized on U.S. Navy Submarines for over 100 years and turns them into practical, relevant tools, leaders, managers and all people in an organization can embrace and use. No theory here, actionable practical tools to drive inclusion, engagement, retention, performance and a deeper commitment of all. At the foundation of everything is a strengths mindset, in other words first and foremost, focusing on what is right with us, instead of what we have done forever, “fixing” what is wrong with us.

Inclusion has always been the right thing to do but it has never been done well. Don’t believe me? How well do we include woman and minorities in senior leadership roles? How does the percentage of female, senior political leaders in the U.S. compare to the general population? Well, welcome to reality. 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs are still white males, 95%, really? We are jumping for joy that nearly 20% of the congress is now made up of woman, but 52% of our population is made up of woman, so not so great there either. The point is inclusion is THE most powerful driver of change and better outcomes, but we are not good at “doing it”. Enter The Submarine Way.

The fundamental “miss” is we need to enhance and change human behavior. This cannot be done by some training sessions, a few executive round tables and a splash of coaching. It requires commitment to ongoing development and investment in your people. The ROI is HUGE and the roadmap is clear.

The Submarine Way has the roadmap:

A methodology that is strengths based (what is right with each of us), inclusion focused (collaboration and inter-dependent teamwork (we call it crew-munity) based on talents and strengths) and finally mission oriented (a precise, focused result or set of results every person is aimed at.)

This is then used as the lens to look at 5 specific steps, the core system that must exist for inclusion to thrive.

  • Check In (think onboarding)
  • Everyone Matters If They Contribute (find and build on what we each do best)
  • Crew-Munity (powerful teaming, inter-dependence and collaboration that only can blossom in a strengths environment)
  • Ombudsman (who is your organizations safety net for those with issues outside of the HR or supervisor channel?)
  • Mission (Does everyone know what is expected of them, what role they fill to ensure mission success?)


The methodology and system are powerful, but without a strong C.O.R.E. you will never achieve the best results. You must have C ommitment at the senior most levels and then you need O n target training. This training must be R einforced over and over again until it becomes the new normal, only then can you enjoy E xceptional results. By the way O.K. training with great reinforcement will always produce better results than great training with O.K. reinforcement.

If you think combining lessons from submarines with a system based on strengths and focused on true inclusion to drive better business results is well, unique, so did the U.S. Patent Office. The Submarine Way model is one of the very few business models to be issued a pending patent! Able to show not only a unique view of leadership development through inclusion but also that it produces measurable ROI as shown by Gallup’s powerful engagement research. Now you can dive in and learn what very few people in the world know, there is a repeatable system to drive high performing organizations.

We have discussed the why and the how here is the what (think delivery systems)

  • Assessments to determine current state and build a plan for what you need
  • Consulting to support senior leadership and key personnel
  • Coaching for high potentials, executives and key management personnel
  • Onsite, tailored programs to provide the practical tools needed to drive change
  • Keynote and breakout sessions (to hear us, is to hire us, literally)
  • Email blasts, video blasts, live and recorded online sessions for reinforcement
  • A full online learning portal with access to literally thousands of programs as well as the ability to upload your own training material as well as key communications to the organization
  • Certification programs. We offer two; One for our methodology and one for our full model. The purpose is not for a train the trainer model, the purpose is to ensure there are internal experts to answer questions, challenge the staff and ensure reinforcement, The Submarine Way.