We are ready to help you plan and execute on the coming stimulus dollars. Our crew is reading, reviewing and studying the plan so that our expertise can become your expertise. A city with a general fund budget of $40,000,000 can expect funding in the area of $7,000,000. 50% will come as early as May with the remainder coming 12 months later. All funding must be spent by 31 December 2024 and there are specific areas this funding is approved for.

One Partner To Drive Excellence

Our Alliance works with small to mid sized municipalities to cost effectively drive the solutions needed to create vibrant, community centric places to live

First and foremost we work with you and your vision not bring you our own. We augment your team with deep expertise and a track record of success to achieve that vision.

After several decades of collective work with municipalities our crew has learned the number one factor holding them back moving from good to great is a lack of a holistic plan and the focus to execute on it.

Affordable housing affects not just workforce development but small businesses and law enforcement. Law enforcement wellness is not a law enforcement issue alone it is an issue for community policing for citizen relations with their local government and as a foundation to mental and physical health throughout the community.

We have gathered all the expertise needed to partner with you to address your critical needs and drive excellence.


Specific Areas That We Partner In

  • Stimulus planning and execution

  • Leadership Development for Law Enforcement and Municipal Staff

  • -Economic Development

  • -Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Cultural Transformation

  • -Succession Planning and Execution

  • -Strategic Planning and Execution

  • -Small business and Local Government alliance

  • -Affordable and Workforce Housing

  • -Law Enforcement Wellness

  • -Workforce Development

Deb Cake Fortin – MS and John Gregory Vincent – MBA have been working with law enforcement and municipalities for more than a decade. Along with our crew of experts, we advise and help you execute in the key areas listed above. We can work with you to create the vision for workforce development. We then partner with you to build the plan and then write the grants to acquire funds to bring the plan to life. If your vision is for an inclusive, truly community centric police department that will positively impact your citizens your officers and help drive economic development, we will help.

No need is too small and no project is too large. You do not need four consultants and three training companies to get your community to where you want it to be you simply need the Submarine Way Alliance. Call us today and let’s talk.