Putting Traditional Leadership in the Crosshairs

This book is a guide to effective leadership development and decision making. It contains specific, actionable tools and advice directly from our training and consulting work over the years that has produced exceptional results. This leadership book is grounded in a patent published model so when we say it is completely unique, it literally is.

There are many leadership books written from the viewpoint of Navy Admirals, Marine and Army Generals, and Commanding Officers of all varieties. I have read many of them and love a few. This book is not written from that viewpoint. My leadership was forged through the eyes of a career enlisted. Approached and encouraged, starting my second year of Naval service on submarines, to “do better and become an officer.” I chose time and time again to remain an enlisted service member.


Preface From Our AMAZON bestselling Book
Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way

This truly is a system literally built on the incredible undersea world of submarines and how the people on these silent tubes could work through their sea bags full of personal biases and meld into a mission focused machine. There will be language you do not understand and other language and key parts of the system that are at least edgy if not flat out uncomfortable to read, but it is the system and it is real. So, go grab 4 people you don’t like, all 5 of you work yourselves up into a sweaty lather, and then lock everyone in your smallest closet with a single flashlight and the mood will be perfect to dive into the submarine way!  

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