Diversity & Inclusion + UP PERISCOPE

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O.K. not quite 2 for 1 but close AND they come inscribed and signed by both authors.

You get a Hardcover Copy of Diversity & Inclusion The Submarine Way AND a Paperback Copy of UP PERISCOPE for $27! You will wind up coming back and buying the other book so save some money and get them both now.

Our first book, Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine became a bestseller in it first month and was named the 3rd best submarine book of all time by Book Authority and the only leadership/business book on the list of 17.

A leadership book unlike any other wrapped around the unique hull of a submarine. Tapping into the power of behavioral change through inclusion and equity it is a step by step guide to personal and organizational transformation. The roadmap to leadership through the lens of inclusion.

Our second book, UP PERISCOPE, Putting Traditional Leadership in The Crosshairs is the companion guide. Based not only on deeper leadership through inclusion principles but tools and tips from our successful consulting and training engagements with our clients. This is absolutely a stand alone guide to leadership but the synergy of reading it in conjunction with the book that literally started it all is highly recommended.

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