Training that will change the world

Whether it is face to face, or through our significant online delivery systems we train, reinforce and drive exceptional results

Our training is built on proven adult learning models and therefore are infused with pre-work, extremely relevant training and in depth, consistent reinforcement. All of our courses and programs are designed to maximize application. Furthermore, since 2008,  all of our courses and programs are designed, from inception to be delivered on-site or online so you will have great flexibility in how we deliver. Running through every course, every program is our patent published model. We have a methodology, system and process that time and time again has produced measurable results for out clients. We will do the same for you.

With on-site courses beginning at $3200 we fit every need.

Your Journey To The Destination Requires a Functioning Compass

The four courses listed below represent the cardinal points of a compass (North, South, East and West) needed to start you on the proper course to the destination of better inclusive leadership. We refer to them as The Core Compass I Program.

All on-site courses are 3 – 3 1/2 hours and limited to 40 attendees, unless otherwise noted. Also all of our courses have an effective online version, consisting of two, 90 minutes segments or 4, 2 hour sessions, client choice. Incorporation of our two books is built into our pre-work and reinforcement for the Core Compass I program. Online video reinforcement is also included to drive application and reduce learning decay.
The Four Courses are:
    • Strengths The Submarine Way  – This course introduces attendees to the power of our methodology. It lays the groundwork to shift towards a talent focused approach to the culture as well as introducing the power of an interdependent, collaborative approach to teaming and mission. Attendees leave with a new lens to see themselves and others that drives meaningful change.
    • The Five Anchors of Leadership – A course that ties the critical components of effective leadership together. We will guide attendees through the power of seeing themselves as a leader, regardless of their title and applying these five elements to drive deeper commitment, innovation and produce meaningful results in their work.
    • Higher Levels of Accountability Most organizations we work with list poor communication as a major issue. Our experience is this is a symptom of the core issue, inconsistent personal and peer accountability. This course will provide a guide to establishing personal accountability and specific guidance on how to professionally hold peers and others accountable as needed.

    • Leadership What is Your BrandA course built on the lessons learned from the previous courses- this is the fourth course in the Core Compass Program. We will guide each attendee to building their personal leadership brand statement. This results in a document they can use to keep themselves focused on their key talents, characteristics and role, as well as a great resource to share with others.
      Core Compass II
      Following Core Compass I our clients understand the power of how our patent published system is driving deeper inclusion, more effective leadership and measurable productivity. KPI’s are improving, leaders and managers are feeling the empowered, innovative mindset shift in their people and you want more.
      To build on this success we help you deepen your focus on critical next level areas. Compassion, mission focus, intentional self regulation and embracing positive conflict.
      These four courses combined with our signature pre-work, reinforcement and deep partnering significantly improve the accuracy of your compass and therefor the effectiveness of your voyage.

      Or……Email us subject line “book please” and we will send you an electronic copy of our book, Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way. It was named by Book Authority as one of the 10 best submarine books ever written.